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LA CROTTA DI VEGNERON – Pinot Noir 75 cl 2022

LA CROTTA DI VEGNERON – Pinot Noir 75 cl 2022

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Il Pinot Noir è fra i più nobili vitigni coltivati al mondo. Ben si radica in Valle d’Aosta dove conosce un discreto successo grazie alla piacevolezza assoluta dei suoi vini e nonostante la sua delicatezza in vigneto. Dai vigneti ubicati a bassa quota e da un mélange dei migliori cloni, nasce il Pinot Noir vinificato in rosso.

Pinot Noir is among the noblest cultivated vines in the world. A vine that, despite its fragility in the vineyards, is well established in the Aosta Valley and has achieved considerable success thanks to how utterly enjoyable are its wines. From the vineyards located at low altitudes and from a blend of the best clones comes Pinot Noir red wine.
Scents of red fruits, violet, wild rose Taste The wine is well-balanced, with light tannins. The alcohol content merges the phenols together with the acidity giving way to a wine with an excellent balance Serving temperature 18 °C Wine and food matching Local salami and cold pork meats, soups and local recipes of stewed meat

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Valle d'Aosta


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